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The business model of the internet is surveillance. We build systems that spy on people in exchange for services. Corporations call it marketing.
Bruce Schneier, IT security guru
From the public point of view, vote rigging is an issue between the spoiled brats of the ruling factions, neither of whom may be legitimate representatives of citizens. Democratic dispensation demands much else besides an end to vote manipulation, such as socio-economic equality of voters regardless of belief, gender or social distinctions, lowering of election expenses so that people of modest means can join the electoral contest, and creation of guarantees that those elected reflect the pluralist nature of Pakistani society.
I.A. Rehman, ‘Poverty of understanding’, Dawn
92% of all chicken on sale in the UK is contaminated with faecal matter. Food poisoning from poultry makes a quarter of a million Britons ill every year.
Justin Kerswell, ‘Britain’s increasing taste for white meat is a disaster for animals and for us’, The Guardian
Every time Younis bats with an Asad Shafiq or an Azhar Ali, he isn’t so much a batting partner as a counselor or a guide. Much more than run-making, he is teaching them about resilience - how to soak up the pressures of the insecure early existence of a Pakistan international, and how to survive an environment where a young player is not an asset but a cheap, expendable resource.
Osman Samiuddin, ‘The old-world virtue of Younis Khan’, ESPNcricinfo
Pornography is the propaganda of sex oppression.
Rachel Ivy, radical feminist, USA
We’ve had enough of the police brutality, of the colorblind mythologies and post-racial rhetoric, of the sweet-talk, of the calls for non-violence; of mass incarceration and systemic poverty, of trigger happy cops and crying black mothers, of the Eric Garners and Renisha McBrides, the Michael Browns and Tarika Wilsons; of black tears and white terror. Dr Martin Luther King Jr said in 1968: “A riot is the language of the unheard”. Today, nearly 50 years later, black America demands to not only be heard but heeded – by any means necessary.
Nyle Fort, ‘White supremacy is the real culprit in Ferguson. The excuses just prove it’, The Guardian
There are around 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh street children in New Delhi, 80 per cent of them are involved in substance abuse. They buy tobacco, alcohol, inhalants, cannabis and other drugs, worth Rs.27 lakh per day.
Study by Childhood Enhancement through Training and Action (CHETNA)
Between 50% and 70% of Latin American mining is now done by Canadian firms. As of 2012, 70% of shares issued by the mining industry worldwide went through the Toronto Stock Exchange. Canada’s authorities continue to provide political, legal and financial support to companies which commit or tolerate human rights abuses.
Work Group on Mining and Human Rights in Latin America, ‘The Impact of Canadian Mining in Latin America and Canada’s responsibility’
Rape culture impacts the entire society. The rape of one woman is the degradation, terror and limitation of every woman.
Geeta Charusivam, feminist and social activist
Israel is critically dependent on external support only in one respect: continued financial and military subsidy from the US, estimated at more than £1.81bn ($3bn) a year in normal times, increasing at times of crisis. That depends on Congress, which remains wholly loyal to Israel (more so than to the US, its critics claim). The US vote to approve a $225m package to restock Iron Dome, the missile defence system which intercepts most of the rockets fired from Gaza, was passed by 395 to eight, and even the eight have not openly criticised Israel.
Oliver Miles, ‘The Palestine problem will remain unsolved while the killing continues’, The Guardian