~Virtual Virtuosity~

Food for thought, served daily, as a couple of quotations
What is really outstanding about Guardiola is that he doesn’t force his style of football onto his team. He analyses what is best for the team, utilises the special details to lead them to the greatest possible success. It’s no coincidence that Spain won the 2010 World Cup with seven of Guardiola’s players, and now Germany with six or seven of his players.
Johan Cruyff, Holland and FC Barcelona legend
To film helplessness as part of a PR exercise or a spike in TRPs is an obscene reflection of the state of Indian media.
Sameer Bhat, ‘The day Srinagar sank’, Dawn
There was no government, no military, no Armed Forces Special Powers Act, no checkpoints, no VIPs or VVIPs. Badami Bagh cantonment, the biggest garrison of the Indian army in Kashmir was under water. For a while the oppressed and the oppressor were both immersed. There indeed was an azadi of sorts. Only there were no witnesses to it.
Sameer Bhat, ‘The day Srinagar sank’, Dawn
The Israeli government in 1948 foresaw that the Palestinian refugees would either assimilate elsewhere or ‘would be crushed’: ‘some of them would die and most of them would turn into human dust and the waste of society, and join the most impoverished classes in the Arab countries’.
Noam Chomsky, ‘Powers and Prospects’
Known as al-Qaeda and now the Islamic State, modern jihadism was invented by US and Britain, assisted by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The original aim was to use and develop an Islamic fundamentalism that had barely existed in much of the Arab world in order to undermine pan-Arab movements and secular governments. By the 1980s, this had become a weapon to destroy the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. The CIA called it Operation Cyclone; and a cyclone it turned out to be, with its unleashed fury blowing back in the faces of its creators. The attacks of 9/11 and in London in July, 2005 were the result of this blowback, as were the recent, gruesome murders of the American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff.
John Pilger, ‘Breaking the last taboo - Gaza and the threat of world war’
Developing countries accept nine of 10 migrants. A million Syrians currently live in Lebanon, a country with about 4 million people. In the EU, only 81,015 refugees from Syria applied for asylum in the last three years. Immigration to Europe is far lower than to countries like Lebanon.
Volker Türk, the UNHCR Director of International Protection
Look at the American administration - they are really angry at you. If our government gives subsidies to our farmers, the American government is angry. If we restrict American products in our markets, they get angry again. Where is this America situated? Is it on the other side of the globe? No, it is right there in our homes. It is in the form of toilet soap brands , toothpastes, shaving creams, and now, Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The Americans get angry if our unemployed youth protest. If anyone asks you what is your qualification, you will tell them: "High school - first class, graduation - first class, post graduation - first class, Ph.D. - first class..", and you still can’t find a job… The American administration is the proponent of capitalism. Capitalism is the enemy of humanism. We have to defeat it.
Gaddar (Gummadi Vittal Rao), Maoist revolutionary and balladeer, performing a street play
In relation to Israel’s occupation of Palestine, the term ‘peace process’ is a standard Orwellism used in the US and much of the world. In practice, the term refers to whatever the US leadership is doing at the moment - often undermining the peace process in the literal sense of the term.
Noam Chomsky, ‘Powers and Prospects’
The Maoists are demanding, basically, the enforcement of the directive principles of state policy - like the right to statutory minimum wages. The question is: why do we need a militant movement to enforce legal or citizenship rights of people? Obviously, there is something lacking - the state offers people political democracy, not economic democracy.
Nandita Haksar, civil rights activist, and Supreme Court lawyer
Today, the ghettos of Detroit and St Louis, like the townships of Johannesburg, resemble open-air prison camps, in which the police permanently act as sovereign, and in which poor blacks - and male youths in particular - are free game for the racist fantasies of white officers.
Jerome Roos, ‘What Happens in Ferguson Does Not Stay in Ferguson’, teleSUR